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Is PACNET Remote secure ?

PACNET uses a special software highly secured. The data that are travelling from your computer to our system are encrypted. At this day, the encryption algorithm is guaranteed to resist 48 hours before being cracked. Knowing that an average connection last about 15 minutes and that each connection has a different encryption key, we can assure you that the data that will travel through the Internet is safe and confidential. More over, several password levels can be implemented to guaranty the access rights.

Do I need special software?

Yes and No. During the initial configuration, we install a « Host » software and configure your system to allow a PACNET connection. This software remains the property of PACNET. So Yes special software is needed but NO you don’t need to purchase a special software.

How does PACNET Remote work?

When you need help you can contact us via phone on +32-495-521228 or via our contact page. Within the 8 working hours following the receipt of your request, we will carry out a remote intervention on your system. That is of course assuming you are online. If your Internet connection is down, we can operate through an analog modem if available. In most cases, this remote operation will get you back working. If onsite action is needed, we will schedule it as soon as possible.